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Strickland's Stories


Do you have a Strickland's Story to Share?  Scroll to the bottom of the page and submit your story - it might appear on this page.

Charles from Sherwood,  Arkansas

My dad was raised in Akron and went to Strickland’s. After he moved in the 60’s, he brought his family back to Akron on vacation every year. Now I have my own family and have been coming up since 1991. My son now is 24 and loves Stricklands. I tell everyone about it and if they are in Akron you have to stop and have some it’s a must. People around here just don't understand Stricklands is to die for and life just not the same if you don't have it.

Tom from Massillon, Ohio

I started coming to Strickland's in the 60s or early 70s when I was a tire engineer at General Tire.  I had driven by the place everyday for years going to work from Massillon and never knew anything about it.  One day in the early spring, a fellow worker named George Kling said, "Strickland's is open."  That meant nothing to me, so George brought me out here and I had my first taste of Strickland's ice cream and I have been addicted ever since.  Me and my family and the three collies we have had since then.  I have told countless people that Strickland's makes the best frozen custard in the world.

Teresa from Jacksonville, Florida

I grew up in Ellet and on Strickland's.  I can remember getting our allowance each month, and all piling on our bikes in the summers to get to Strickland's for hopefully a Chocolate Almond cone.  I am 40 now, and live in Florida, but every visit to Ohio to see my family includes several trips to Strickland's.  When I was pregnant with my first son, ice cream was my craving.  I remember talking to my father, and telling him how I wish I had Strickland's custard!  Well, the next trip to Florida, my dad had a great surprise for me!  He had pints of peach, vanilla, and chocolate custard from Strickland's for us!  He made the trip from Akron with dry ice, and I wanted to share it with everyone in my neighborhood (Not really, but sorta). Great memories of such great times there too!  Thank you for all the fun memories!

Sean from San Gabriel, California

Growing up in the Akron area, I was one of the lucky Akronites to get to frequent Stricklands in the late spring to early fall. I moved to the Los Angeles area in 1991 and was void of those trips to Stricklands in the summer time. The last time I was home,I was in Akron for 2 and 1/2 weeks in 1996 and I visited Stricklands every night while there. My best friend and I would go down to the Tripplet store and would have 2 larges every night. I gained 10 pounds in the time I was there but every pound was well worth it. I am making a trip back to Akron this summer and was looking forward to my trips to Stricklands. Then the great news came from my mother last Saturday morning. She told me they had opened a Stricklands in Irvine CA on February 14th. Well I got on the phone right away and called information in Irvine to get the phone number. I received information from the gentleman from Ellet that is in town to help the store open and I drove an hour and a half to get my first Stricklands in years. My wife thought I was crazy until she tried her pumpkin flavored cone. Then she agreed that it was well worth the trip. Donna was very nice and we talked over my large pumpkin and small coconut cones. I called my 86 year old grandmother and told her where I was because she had taken me to Stricklands so many times and I shared my custard with her by cell phone. She was laughing so hard. My 9 year old had 2 small vanilla cones and wanted a 3rd but I ended up buying a pint of Butterfinger and a pint of Vanilla for the house. I contacted Donna by e-mail and requested for my favorite flavors (Grape and Butter Rum) be together for my days off (Sundays and Mondays). She said she would in the first week of April. Thank you very much Donna. By the way I will be there tomorrow for the Maple Nut and the Blueberry and will be taking home some pints for some co-workers of mine to try. I will spread the word so Stricklands becomes as large of a legend in Southern California as it is in Akron.

Steve from Fresno, California

Besides the many times as a child,  I remember as a young adult, no matter what I was doing, I always had time for Strickland's. I still talk about Strickland's to folks out here and even they say,"Wish we had places of that quality out here.

Editor's Note: Strickland's is now in California.  Our first California store opened in Irvine in February 2004.  Contact us if you are interested in opening the next Stricklands Ice Cream store in California!

Joe A. from Irvine, California

Growing up just minutes away from the original Strickland’s by the Rubber Bowl, I must have eaten thousand of delicious ice cream cones, shakes, and flavor of the month pints during my childhood. My parents would always take me and my brothers to Strickland’s for a cone or two! I always loved Vanilla, and still do, but my dad would always get a Vanilla cone and an orange Sherbert, twisting and turning them together, creating an orange-vanilla swirl! About 5 years ago, I moved to Southern California – Irvine, in Orange County this area is one of the greatest places in the world to live! Well, after 25 years and many memories of Strickland’s with family, friends, and first dates in Akron, Strickland’s finally will be in my daily diet in Southern California! Just 2 miles from my home in Irvine (and better yet directly across the street from my employer!), a Strickland’s will be opening in January 2004 from what I have been told! Now, when my friends and family from Ohio come to visit, we will definitely make the Irvine Strickland’s a daily treat! Thanks a bunch whoever franchised the Irvine Strickland’s! Bring on the Vanilla! 

Nancie from Phoenix

I will never forget the night I was listening to a Cleveland Indians game against Baltimore, when my father suggested going out for a frozen custard. I wanted to go but didn't want to miss the game because my favorite player, RF Rocky Colavito, had already hit 3 homeruns in the game.  Dad promised to turn on the radio so I could listen to the game. We were sitting in Strickland's gravel parking lot, right out front when Yes!  Rocky hit another home run!!  That was June 10, 1959 I believe.  Such fond memories of Indian baseball and Strickland's.  When I get back to Akron about every other year I always head for Stricklands.  This year I was at 3 of the 4 stores!! Thanks for the memories. My favorite is the Maple Nut.  

Janice from Bullhead City, Arizona

I haven't lived in Akron since I was seven years old.  My family was transfered to Arizona by Goodyear.  Every time we returned to Akron for a visit, we would go to Strickland's to get the best frozen custard in the world.  I just returned from my first trip back in over 25 years.  I'm proud to say I stopped and had custard each day of my stay in Akron.  My entire family makes a point of going to Strickland's when in Akron.  Thanks! 

WanDora from Aptos, California

I am the third of five generations of customers at Strickland's.  I come back every year to visit Ohio and make my usual visits to Strickland's to taste all the flavors.  My first memory of Strickland's goes back to my Grandfather, Louis L.  He was from Cullman, Alabama.  My parent, Eldredge T., from Akron also brought me to Strickland's, and now I bring my children, Barry S. from Aptos, CA and Celeste F. from Villa Park, CA.  I also brought my grandson, Nathan S. from Aptos, CA.  This makes five generations of Strickland's lovers.  It's nice to know that the Strickland family has worked together in harmony for five generations.  Thanks for making my Akron visits a special treat.  Glad to know you are locating in CA.  May God continue to Bless your families and your business.

Avien from Akron, Ohio

My husband's family has been going to Strickland's for 3 generations.  When I got pregnant I had to have Strickland's butterscotch milk shakes at least twice a week (only large ones would do!).  Last summer we introduced our son to his first taste of Strickland's with his Daddy's favorite flavor, banana.  Now this family has 4 generations of faithful Strickland's Custard Stand go'ers.  I am doing a special wedding cake this summer with MANY, many thanks to the Original Strickland's for running Butter Pecan the first weekend of August.  We are getting married and I plan to make a small unique Wedding "ice cream" cake with the world's best Butter Pecan Custard in between the layers.  Thanks for the many years of memories and the many years to come! 

Jennifer from Plant City, Florida

Hello, My name is Jennifer and I live in Plant City, Florida. I moved here about 5 years ago from Akron, Ohio. Exactly right down the street from Strickland's. I remember driving by and begging my mom and dad to stop by so we could get some of the best ice cream in the world. Always creamy and wonderful. Unfortunately since we moved here to Florida we are unable to get the great taste of that ice cream. But I would like to say just because we are there doesn't mean Stricklands isn't in our "Ice Cream Dreams!" Thank you for the wondeful memories that my family and I have shared with you. (p.s. Your vanilla was always the greatest!) 

Mark from Chicago

My wife, Dawn, and I moved to Chicago in 1981, and experienced severe Strickland's withdrawal pains. A colleague told me about a frozen custard place in St. Charles, Illinois, and we started making the 80 miles round trip every so often, but it was not the same. One night when we pulled in, the only other car in the lot had Summit County plates, so I asked if they were familiar with Strickland's. They were from Akron and we stood around swapping Strickland's stories 400 miles from the real thing. When we visit our families in Ellet, the first thing they ask when we pull in the drive is, "What's the Flavor-of-the-Day?" because they know we've made that all-important stop first.

Steve from Akron

I was nine or ten, and Dad treated me to the old "Penny a Pound" airplane ride over at nearby Akron Municipal Airport (now Fulton). My first time airborne was indeed a thrill, but what truly made my day was a Strickland's cone that followed our flight. Over the last 30 odd years of my life, tons of custard (preferably peach), and an occasional banana split, have been savored. Dad and Strickland's...splendid landmarks!

Tracy from Akron

My sister was in labor with my nephew and HAD to have a cone from Stricklands. A few hours later, she delivered him...Every year since then, on May 1, the entire family loads up, 10 of us total, and heads to where his life began. Keep up the great work. :o)

Diane from Pennsylvania

Nineteen years ago, I met the man who is now my husband. He was an umpire at my little brother's little league baseball game. After the final game of the season, Andy asked me if I wanted to go get ice cream at a local Dairy Queen in Massillon. (This was to be our first "date.") Having grown up in Akron, I couldn't bear the thought of eating anything but Strickland's Frozen Custard. So I took the bold step of suggesting we go up to Akron for a cone at Strickland's. He thought I was crazy to drive to Akron just for a cone, but was willing to go if it meant we finally were going to have a date. Well.....he had to eat his words (and a second cone) as he learned why I insisted we make the trip. Today we live in Pennsylvania and have three young children of our own. When we visit my parents in Ohio, the kids always ask, "Can we go to get ice cream at that place where you and daddy went for your first date?" Of course the answer is an emphatic "Yes!" If Andy hadn't agreed to go to Strickland's on that hot summer day, who knows whether or not we would be together today? Let's just say that the frozen custard we shared that day may have just sealed our fate!

Jenny from Wadsworth

My dad works at Goodyear, so we have been going to Stricklands for ice cream ever since I can remember. I am 18 now, and so far this summer I have brought 3 friends over to try your custard for the first time. (I have been out many more times than that!) I always warned them that they would not beleive how incredible the custard would be, and I will never forget the looks on each of their faces after they tried it for the first time - it was great! The drive out is well worth it every time I come.

Carol from Montana

Having been born and raised in Akron, trips to Strickland's were a treat and a tradition -- especially if the Flavor of the Day was Chocolate Almond. I am now 38 years old and have lived out West for 16 years. When I visit my family in Akron, at least once year, the visit always includes frequent trips to Strickland's. Imagine my delight when I was "home" for a Christmas visit and said, "I wish Strickland's was open," (not knowing the indoor Ellet Click's Strickland's had opened). My family quickly hurried me into the car and off we went to Ellet. Not only is the frozen custard the greatest but the family memories Strickland's has given me are cherished. When my sister in Akron heard about your website she couldn't wait to tell me and I couldn't wait to visit it! Makes my mouth water just reading about it.

Don from California

I was not only a devoted customer of Stricklands, I was a tenacious employee. Every morning, during the summer I would ride my bike the three blocks from my house, down Baldwin Rd., to the custard stand. The reason I had to be there early was to beat the other kids who wanted the daily job of picking up the papers (trash) from the dirt parking lot. We were paid $1.00 and a cup of custard each working day. This was a good supplement to my paper route. Although this goes back to 1953 when I was ten years old, they are still fond memories. My family and I have lived in California for thirty years but we never miss a visit to Stricklands when we come to Akron. There's certainly nothing like it in California.

Pam from Akron

As a child, I was brought up on Strickland's. We used to bring a baby cone home to our dog every time we went. Now years later, with a family of my own and knowing we had to bring our son up right, we have taught him the blissful wonder of Strickland's and our chihuahua as well. My son's favorite flavor is vanilla, and our chiahuahua's favorite is fresh banana (that's mine too). I am pretty fond of the pumpkin flavor, too!

We purchased a home within walking distance to Strickland's. So needless to say, we are pretty much permanent faces down there. Please just stay right in that location, as I am certain the value of our home would surely go down in value without Strickland's there. We look forward to the opening every Spring.

Pat from California

I'm a Southern California girl. I married an Akron boy over 11 years ago. The first time Dave took me back to Ohio with him he took me to Strickland's. I thought I died and went to heaven! Vanilla is my favorite flavor, but you don't need to twist my arm to try any others." 

Larry from Kansa

Many fond memories of frozen custard at Strickland's... as little kids licking and trying to keep up with the drips in Dad's car, pre-air conditioning days... after ball games on the fields on Triplett Blvd... after lunch staff meetings when the whole Chapel pastoral staff would head for a cone...especially on days when there was chocolate almond.

We are living in Kansas now but still stop in when we are home--like just last week !!!!

Tanya from Colorado

My story begins before birth as a Stricklands regular. My Grandfather, Gerald Thoma, created the machines still used today to make the custard. I've been a regular at Stricklands since birth. Now it's a bit of a tough commute as I live in Denver, Colorado. But whenever I return to Ohio to visit, my first and last stops are Strickland's. Every flight into Cleveland is capped off by a Stricklands stop on the way home. Last summer I returned to Ohio for orthopedic surgery and my family requested my favorite flavor, Black Raspberry, for my recovery period. You gladly filled the request and I am sure my recovery was so sucessful due to those cones! Don't ever close! It's just too bad we can't taste the flavor of the day through the website. Thanks for the wonderful memories!

Jamie from Boston

Strickland's was like a staple in my childhood. I grew up outside of Akron, and remember many evenings climbing into the car with my sister, parents and the dog, and heading down to Strickland's. (The dog ALWAYS got a baby cone, too!) Our frequent trips are still some of my fondest childhood memories. I have recently moved to Boston, and regularly have cravings for grape custard, which no one here seems to be able to understand! Now, each time I return home, Strickland's is always on my "must do" list! Last time I brought an out-of-town friend, who marveled at the fact that there wasn't a sign (down for repairs, I think) and they were still doing business...I explained, "It's Stricklands, they don't need one!" Keep up the great work...

Scott from Indiana

On June 4,1979, I started work at Goodyear Aerospace Corp. right across the airfield from Strickland's. A couple weeks after I started my boss asked if I wanted to go to Strickland's for lunch. I had no idea what Strickland's was, but I said yes and we came over for lunch. I was suprised to find out Stricklands was only an ice cream place. I asked what you get for lunch. Well, we each ended up having a large banana split and a large milk shake for lunch and then a large ice cream cone for dessert. It was excellent. Over the next six years my family and I ate alot of Strickland's ice cream. We now live in Indiana and still like to come back to Akron and come to Strickland's.

Cindy from Richfield

We have been coming to Stricklands since I was a small child. I am now 36 years old and live in Richfield and we drive out almost every Sunday night. I have 3 children and we love to come in the truck and sit in the back and watch the people. We always have a bet on what the flavor is and the person who guesses correctly gets to treat!! Keep up the fabulous work and ice cream custard!! THANK YOU!

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