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Specially Built Ice Cream Machines

One of the factors that makes Stricklands® ice cream, frozen custard, yogurt and sorbet so unique is the specialized batch freezers we use.  The machines in the original Strickland's location (seen in the photo at left) were hand-built in the 1930s, and represent true ingenuity and an appreciation for the fine points of making ice cream.  The machines slow-churn and freeze the ice cream, frozen custard, yogurt and sorbet very quickly, which promotes a smoother, creamier taste. Because of our proprietary process, Stricklands ice cream and frozen custard is served at 19-21 degress rather than the standard 8 degrees for most other ice cream, which freezes the palette. Stricklalnds' process creates a fresh, soft, smooth taste that customers love!

For generations, opening additional stores was not an option for Stricklands, as these unique machines were not commercially available and the company was not able to locate a single commercially available unit that produced the same great taste that Stricklands' patrons have grown to love and expect.  Finally, in 2002, the machines were successfully reverse-engineered by the company.  For the first time in its history, Stricklands was able to expand. Strickland's Marketing Corp. was formed in 2002 to offer Stricklands franchises in select markets across the U.S. Every franchie and affilate-owned Stricklands Ice Cream store uses the same proprietary machines that were first developed by Uncle Bill in the 1930s!

If you are interested in opening an ice cream and yogurt store franchise that your community will love, visit our Franchise Info section to learn more about the Stricklands Ice Cream franchise opportunity.

1936 Ice Cream Machine

Strickland's Marketing Corp reversed engineered this exact ice cream machine from the original machine developed by Bill Strickland in the 1930s.  The original four machines are still in use today at our original location in Akron, Ohio! For those looking for the inside scoop, the original vanilla machine was the most versatile machine at the original location and thus it was decided it would be the best one to duplicate for our franchisees.

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